Competitive Membership

Bracken Ridge Swimming Club offers 2 levels of membership – Club Membership and Competitive Swimmer Membership.

Our Club season for 2022-23 is over, however the swim season never ends in Australia! Competitive swimming continues right through winter.

Swimmers can compete in large competitions at different venues and with other Swimming Clubs. Times achieved at these meets are recorded as “Qualifying Times” by Swimming Queensland.

Registration with Swimming Queensland as a “Competitive Member” is required.



  • Swimmers 8 & Under $44.81
  • Competitive Swimmer 9 & Over $67.99

Membership technically expires 30th June, however swimmers are allowed a grace period to 30th September while the Clubs prepare for the new season.


Upcoming Meets

Check out these upcoming events swimmers can enter to the end of season.


Things to consider

  • Age of swimmer – there are fewer meets that younger swimmers can attend
  • Entry fees – meets have a per event cost (usually $7-$12), or a one-off entry fee (usually $20-$40)
  • Spectator costs to attend meets – not all pools require this, but it is worth checking
  • Timing of events
  • Distance to travel to event

Is your swimmer interested?

A parent will need to set up an account through Swim Central. Instructions for using and creating an account can be found at the Swim Central Support Centre.

Further enquiries can be directed to