Season 2019 -2020

Spring has sprung, so it’s time to get your togs on!

First up, I am pleased to introduce your Club Management Committee for the 2019/20 season:

President – Darryl Conroy (Swim School)
Vice-President – Damian Campbell (Revenue and Development)
Secretary – Donna Brown
Treasurer – Andrew McDonald
Management Members – Abby Harvey (Retail), Megan Kay (Competition) and Nicole Kowaltzke (Marketing)

You will note portfolios in brackets alongside our Committee Members names. These portfolios assist the Committee in the co-ordination of the year-round activities, events and fundraising that ensure our Swim Club is a viable and sustainable entity within our community. Feel free to reach out to any of your Committee for questions, concerns and (hopefully) ideas for a better Swim Club.

Much of our correspondence with Members is via social media. However, our website is an equally if not more important source of information and reference material. Therefore, please familiarise and utilise our website – for upcoming events and important dates.

For many, many years your Swim Club has enjoyed, and continues to, the privilege of swimmers becoming valuable members of the coaching program, namely learn-to-swim. Given, a number of our coaches are finishing university and moving on to conquering the world, we would dearly like to continue this fine tradition. Therefore, we are calling for expressions of interest to become a learn to swim coach from our Club families, friends and swimmers (past or present). Please contact our Head Coach, Anthony McLeod if you are interested.

Congratulations to all swimmers who have worked hard during the tough winter months, and the results from recent competitions suggest hard work pays off!

Thanks to all, and look forward to seeing you on the pool deck!