Babies – Splash (6 – 12 months)
Learning Outcomes:Graduation Milestones:
Parents/Carers and children participate together to learn water familiarisation and safety through songs and games.


1. Assisted submersion for 1m
2. Back float on care givers shoulder
3. Hold onto wall for 10 seconds
4. Back float assisted
5. Independent “monkey” to “monkey”
Babies – Tots (1-3 years)
Learning Outcomes:Graduation Milestones:
Skills are further developed to include water safety, submersion, floatation, mobility and freestyle kicking.


1. Paddle and kick to wall and climb out
2. Assisted front to survival roll
3. Independent paddle and kick for 3m
4. Independent back float
5. Independent back float, roll and return to wall

Please note:  these classes are scheduled based on client demand.